Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Betcha didn't think you'd see ME again! Anyhoo, back to the old grind...

Check this awesome game out, it's got all you could ask for in a piece of interactive art. Stunning visuals, entrancing music, diabolical puzzles and of course, a touch of weirdness. Prepare to experience the fury of... Quest for the Crown. (Kcht)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Coke Ninja
My first question to the ninja... what the heck?!
A rather nifty experament with diet coke and mentos... XD Nice...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cute overload!

Kitten War
Prepare a soothing tonic of ugly to counteract the cute burns you'll get from this. Basically, you choose between two pictures - which kitty do you think is the cutest? You then get the statistics on what others thought of the same choice, and a new kitten comparison. Pretty addicting, actually.
The Unfeasible Adventures of Bever and Steve - A webcomic worthy of our humble blog.

Random Archive of Quasi Neologisms, Gibberish and Nun├Ždinh - This one is fairly un-self-explainitory. You'll just have to go and figure it out yourself...

Rinkworks - This site is fairly weird. But far weirder is thier Dialectizer Take a block of text and have it translated into one of eight different dialects.

Check out this little gem...

YouFail.Org About the meanest site you could link someone up to...

Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm sure these will be quite useful...

The Popcorn Fork
Don't like butter on your fingers? Well, this would still be too out-of-your way, but hey, who doesn't respect the sheer cool-ness power of a popcorn fork? I mean, seriously.

"Children's Stories"
Good, wholesome stories for kids... ok, not really...
I'd rate the ones I've read with 'G' for content and an 'A+' for comedy.
Of course, I still feel like I'm reading an 'R' rated story when I read these... there's just something... 'wrong' about them...
In a good way though ;P

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A few random things

No theme to this one.

43 Things
Most of us all want to do stuff that we never get around to. This site is a great way to make a list of 43 things and do them, then talk about it with other people who wanted to do those same things. The weird part about the site is the list of suggestions, which range from the warm and fuzzy (plant a garden) to the abjectively strange (get in touch with my inner cheese)

Trunk Monkey
Surprisingly our first site involving monkeys. Spiffy found this one, and I gave him ample opportunity to post it, but he didn't, so I am. This site showcases a clever little auto accessory involving, (wait for it) a monkey in your trunk. (and, says the site, "a steady source of ice cold high-quality import ale or lager") How does it help to have a monkey in your trunk? The site provides a full customer information section let it tell you.

One of my favorite sites ever. You get to create a little geometric beasty, then play around with it in an accurate physics simulation. Make walkers, crawlers, swingers, slitherers or hoblers, then flip them onto their backs and see how they manage. It's amazing to see how lifelike these things move.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Virtual Pets are Weird

This is cool.

my pet!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mushroom Kingdom

Now, I've got a game in the early dev phase that basically laughs in the face of the classic role of the 1980's video game princess. I've got a quick-witted, self sufficient protagonist, but I can't figure a name for her. I decided to do some research. I didn't find what I needed, but what I did find was hilarious.

Serendipity: A page of random generators, home of the Random Princess Name Generator

The Joy of Sticking Together - Video Game Couples: An article looking at the lives of digital celebrity couples.

Princess swapping: One of those forum topics that couldn't be funnier if it were scripted.

Make Mario Up: One of those ridiculous dress-up java games you'll find scattered across the internet. (Quite fun actually, lots of stuff to choose from, and he even blinks)